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Engineering Office David Fischer AG - Switzerland

Engineering Office David Fischer AG - the manufacturer of ProxySniffer - is since May 2012 a company of the Apica group. To learn more about the excellent Apica's Web performance services visit
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On-Site Training

We provide on-site training at your location - in any country. Our goal is to disclose product knowledge as well as know-how transfer.
Once your employees have received the training, they will be able to use our product effectively, implement load tests professionally, interpret measured results correctly and communicate the results to further specialists and to the management in an appropriate way.
In addition, when ordering on-site training, we give you for free during the training a temporary site license valid for 7 days, which allows to use Proxy Sniffer without any limitations (unlimited GUI installations, unlimited number of load generators, and unlimited number of simulated VUs per load generator).
The following training modules are available:
Course I: Proxy Sniffer Product Training
Course description Training of the use of Proxy Sniffer.
Course contents 1. Load test theory
Overview of the load test theory, explanation of the typical system behavior under load, measurement parameters and their meaning.
2. Test preparation and test planning
Interpretation of the test requirements, calculation of the quantity structure, selection of the test scenarios, simulation of different types of load.
3. Product training - part 1
Complete overview of all product functionalities.
4. Product training - part 2
In-depth training about the handling of dynamically exchanged session parameters and dynamic configurable load test parameters, practical exercises.
5. Test evaluation
Evaluation and interpretation of the measured load test results. Analysis of occurred errors.
Course duration 3 days

Course II: Proxy Sniffer Operation
Course description Installation and use of the Proxy Sniffer product in distributed environments.
Note: this course is aimed at system administrators who support the operation of the Proxy Sniffer product in distributed environments.
Course contents Proxy Sniffer product components and processes. Product-internal communication. Installation as a Windows service and as a Unix Daemon. Adjustment of configuration files. Remote execution of load test jobs and configuration of load-releasing clusters. Scripting of load test jobs.
Course duration 1 day

Course III: Proxy Sniffer Plug-Ins
Course description Development of functional extensions for the Proxy Sniffer product.
Note: this course is intended for experienced Java programmers, who develop Proxy Sniffer functional extensions (so-called plug-ins) and make them available to the load testing team.
Course contents Overview of the Proxy Sniffer Java API classes. Run-time behavior of load test programs. Creation of plug-in program skeletons by using the wizard. Programming of the core functionality of plug-ins. Practical exercises.
Course duration 1 day


Course I (3 days): USD 13500 per course at any location worldwide. Switzerland and Germany: USD 11500. Including any expenses incurred. Fixed price without VAT. Maximum 8 participants per class.

Course I - III (5 days): USD 16500 per course at any location worldwide. Including any expenses incurred. Fixed price without VAT. Maximum 8 participants per class.

Information about dates are available on request. Please use our contact form.

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