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Engineering Office David Fischer AG - the manufacturer of ProxySniffer - is since May 2012 a company of the Apica group. To learn more about the excellent Apica's Web performance services visit
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Recording of Load Tests
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Real-Time Monitoring and Real-Time Error Analyses
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Miscellaneous Features

The screenshots shown here contain only a selection of the Proxy Sniffer product functionalities.
A complete description of all product features is provided in the

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Recording of Load Tests
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Universal HTTP(S) Proxy-Recorder

With the universally useable HTTP(S) Proxy Recorder, load test scenarios can be recorded using any Web Browser - such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari - and can include AJAX calls and requests made from Pop-up Windows.

In addition to this, the data traffic of HTTP(S)-based Web Service Client Programs can also be recorded.
Other Options: Instead of using the Universal HTTP(S) Proxy Recorder, simple test scenarios can be created automatically with an Integrated Web Crawler which discovers all pages comprising a web site. As a further alternative, test scenarios can be created manually by importing pre-defined URL calls from a Self-Written Definition File.  
Note: when using Firefox, an Add-On named "Firefox Recording Extension" supports recording of load test scenarios in convenient way. The Add-On is displayed as a "Firefox Toolbar" in the upper part of the web browser window.
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