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Engineering Office David Fischer AG - the manufacturer of ProxySniffer - is since May 2012 a company of the Apica group. To learn more about the excellent Apica's Web performance services visit
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EC2 Documentation
To learn more about using cloud-based load generators follow the instructions in the handbook Generating Load from the Cloud.
As a further option you can also run the entire Proxy Sniffer product in the cloud, meaning that no local resources are needed to execute large scale load tests. Take a look at our Pure Cloud Manual.

Stress Test your Web Application using an almost Unlimited Load,

Generated from the Amazon Cloud.

Ready for Cloud
In addition to locally performed load tests ProxySniffer can also be operated partly or wholly in the cloud.
By a partial operation only the load generators are used in the cloud, which can be launched directly from your local workstation via the ProxySniffer GUI. This is convenient and useful when only a few cloud-based load generators are used (approximately up to 5). In such a case your load test is automatically transferred to the cloud and the measurement results from all load generators are automatically combined into one test result and transferred back to your local workstation.
However, if you need to perform very large load tests - and need to start a lot of load generators in the cloud, we strongly recommend that you use also the GUI component of ProxySniffer in the cloud (so-called Pure Cloud GUI) which also can be launched directly from your local workstation via the "local" ProxySniffer GUI.
The "Pure Cloud GUI" is especially optimized for the implementation of large tests. The load generators should then be started from the "Pure Cloud GUI" rather than from your local workstation. To avoid any loss of data when a "Pure Cloud GUI" machine is terminated, the load test programs and the measuring results are always stored on separate cloud-based data disks which can be managed via the ProxySiffer GUI on your local Workstation. This means that you have first to create at least one cloud-based data disk before you can start any "Pure Cloud GUI". After that, when starting the "Pure Cloud GUI" you can select a cloud-based data disk that will be automatically attached to the machine.
Cloud based-data disks can be created within less than one minute.
All cloud-based machines are already configured and tuned, and can be started within 4 minutes. All components of ProxySniffer are already pre-installed and ready-to-use.
Similar to the local GUI, using the "Pure Cloud GUI" is free and don't require to purchase a license. However you should keep in mind that you have to pay for the Amazon basic costs that are around USD 1.30 per hour. Therefore you should terminate the machine running the "Pure Cloud GUI" (and also the load-generators) as soon as you have completed your load test. On the other hand, there is no need to destroy the cloud-based data disks because their rental is inexpensive (around 2 USD per Month). You can re-use the same data disk each time when you start again a "Pure Cloud GUI", and all (old) data will still be available.
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