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Engineering Office David Fischer AG - Switzerland

Engineering Office David Fischer AG - the manufacturer of ProxySniffer - is since May 2012 a company of the Apica group. To learn more about the excellent Apica's Web performance services visit
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About Us - Engineering Office David Fischer AG

"Engineering Office David Fischer AG" is a privately managed company based in Switzerland. The company has grown organically since the establishment in the year 2001.
Due to the excellent quality and the continuous development of our Proxy Sniffer product, we have become a leading manufacturer in the area of web load test and stress test tools.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for having made this success possible.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to supply a tool for technically challenging testing procedures in the area of web applications.
Our vision is the realization of a professionally useable, high performance, innovative and easy to use product - which enables our customers to achieve genuine added value.
We also want to offer our customers a fair price-performance ratio.

The Future

We will continue to grow organically and to enhance the Proxy Sniffer product with new, innovative functions. At the same time we will also focus on the needs of our end customers as well as the requirements of service providers who use our technology. We will strengthen and extend our partnerships with other companies.

Company Address / Manufacturer

Correspondence Address & Legal Residence:

Ingenieurbüro David Fischer AG
c/o Treuhandbüro Geissbühler
Murgenthalstrasse 15
4900 Langenthal
Swiss Company ID: CH-
Swiss VAT ID: CHE-109.384.492 MWST
CEO: David Fischer

Ingenieurbüro David Fischer AG (Switzerland) is a subsidiary company of Apica (Sweden & U.S.A.).

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